Analyst Picks: Channel Marketing Leader

The channel marketing leader is tasked with developing a strategic initiative with their partners that aligns to sales priorities and corporate growth goals. Maria Chien, Service Director for Channel Marketing Strategies, and Angela Leech, Research Director for Channel Marketing Strategies, have selected the best sessions to provide channel marketing leaders with the insights they need to ensure successful planning and execution of their organisation’s channel strategy.

See their recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

  • Thursday 05/10
    • 10:30

      Operationalising the Channel Demand Waterfall

      Maria Chien, Terry Flaherty
    • 11:30

      Next Generation Partner Enablement: Architecting for Excellence

      Angela Leech, Maria Chien
    • 13:30

      SiriusDecisions Channel Partner Segmentation Model

      Chris Cleary
    • 13:30

      Powering Demand Through Privacy and Preference Management

      Isabel Montesdeoca, Julian Archer
    • 14:30

      Is Your Product Ready for the Channel?

      Lisa Singer