Analyst Picks: Chief Sales Officer

It’s all about making your number. The chief sales officer (CSO) is responsible for developing and executing on strategic objectives to ensure the organisation reaches growth and retention goals. Phil Harrell, service director for Chief Sales Officer Strategies, hand-selected these sessions to provide CSOs with the insights they need to manage these objectives.

See Phil’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

  • Wednesday 04/10
    • 13:30

      The SiriusDecisions Sales Operating Model: A High-Performance Blueprint

      Mark B. Levinson
    • 16:15

      Your Revenue Engine: Built for Speed, or About to Break Down?

      Phil Harrell, Tony Jaros
  • Thursday 05/10
    • 10:30

      One Size Never Fits All: Sales Enablement Functional Design

      Heather Cole
    • 11:30

      Long-Term Competency in a Short-Term World: Building Skills That Last

      Amanda Jensen, Heather Cole
    • 13:30

      Sales Enablement: Taking an Audience-Centric Approach

      Don Drury, Ian Savage
    • 13:30

      Unlocking the Strategic Potential of Sales Operations

      Dana Therrien
    • 14:30

      Installing a Sales Operating Model That Works

      Phil Harrell