Analyst Picks: Marketing Operations Leader

The b-to-b marketing operations leader must reconcile inconsistent analytics across marketing and sales functions to show marketing’s effectiveness and drive improved performance. Craig Moore, service director for Marketing Operations Strategies, and Julian Archer, research director for Demand Creation Strategies, have hand-selected these sessions to provide marketing operations leaders with the insights and strategies they need in today’s data-driven and highly accountable marketing organisations.

See their recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

  • Thursday 05/10
    • 10:30

      Sidestepping Misdirection: Conducting an Effective Business Review

      Craig Moore, Meta Karagianni
    • 11:30

      The Anatomy of a Marketing Plan

      Caroline Bright, Craig Moore
    • 13:30

      Leveraging Data to Power Account-Based Marketing

      Bob Peterson, John Donlon
    • 13:30

      Powering Demand Through Privacy and Preference Management

      Isabel Montesdeoca, Julian Archer
    • 13:30

      How to Build a Content Measurement Dashboard

      Christine Polewarczyk
    • 14:30

      Demand Creation: Conducting an Honest Assessment

      Chris Parr, Kristin Farwell