The SiriusDecisions Return on Integration Award

Call for Nominations

SiriusDecisions is inviting clients to submit nominations for its Return on Integration (ROI) Awards, the two (2) winners of which will present at the SiriusDecisions Summit, 4-5 October, in London. Nominees will be considered based on the following:


The ROI Award demonstrates an organization has achieved strong sales, marketing and/or product alignment, and as a result has improved company performance. Specific criteria include:

  • The organization must demonstrate it has integrated sales, marketing and/or product in a unique fashion.
  • The organization must have tightly aligned sales, marketing, product and/or customer experience goals.
  • The organization may have demonstrated the advanced use of infrastructure to support shared/interlocked processes.
  • The organization has measured the results of alignment.
  • The organization has used SiriusDecisions models and methods as a part of its alignment initiative.

Award Categories

We are looking for best practices in the following key areas (awards will not be given in every category):

  • General sales/marketing/product alignment. A presentation by the chief marketing officer (CMO), chief sales officer (CSO) and chief product officer (CPO) – or their equivalents – on the impact that the alignment of sales, marketing and product has had on company performance.
  • Demand creation/lead management. A presentation that shows how the organization has built a measurable, predictable, repeatable demand creation engine. The presentation must demonstrate high levels of cooperation between sales and marketing, especially in the areas of process, infrastructure and incentives. Initiatives may be broad-based or narrowly focused (e.g. account-based marketing) in nature.
  • Product or solution marketing. A presentation that demonstrates the transformation from product-centric to audience-centric go-to-market strategy and execution. The presentation must demonstrate measurable results of taking an industry or persona-based marketing approach.
  • Product management. A presentation that demonstrates how alignment between product management, marketing and sales has resulted in stronger innovation and better corporate performance.
  • Sales enablement. A presentation that illustrates a well-defined, process-based sales enablement initiative that has resulted in greater sales effectiveness for inside or field sales teams. The presentation should include specific linkages between sales, marketing and/or product during the enablement initiative.
  • Content strategy. A presentation that illustrates a well-defined, enterprise-wide content creation, delivery and measurement process.
  • Third-party channels. A presentation that shows how the combination of shared strategy, processes and technologies have impacted channel partner selection, demand creation, enablement, customer experience and/or measurement/reporting.
  • Communications. A presentation that shows how new functional roles in corporate communications have been established (e.g. social media operations, branding center of excellence), or a new strategic communications initiative has been incubated.
  • Sales operations. A presentation that shows how the efficiency of sales has been improved through operational means; alignment with marketing operations is a plus.
  • Marketing operations. A presentation that shows how the efficiency and/or effectiveness of marketing has been improved through operational means; alignment with sales operations is a plus. Key areas of consideration will include marketing planning and budgeting, analytics, measurement and reporting, process development, data management, and marketing competency assessment and skill development.
  • Customer engagement. A presentation that demonstrates a coordinated, well-designed post-sale effort by customer engagement, sales, marketing, service and/or product that has helped to deliver or improve retention, loyalty, advocacy and subsequent cross-sell/upsell.

Other Requirements

Nominees for an ROI Award must complete the following:

  • A nomination form identifying the initiative, its award category, the names of project leaders/presenters, the timeframe and the organizational scope of the initiative. The form also must describe why the initiative should be considered for an ROI award based on the criteria above. If submitters would like to include supporting documents (e.g. summary of results data, project plans) as part of their entry, they should email them to Tony Jaros.

Requests must be submitted NO LATER than 5 P.M. Eastern Time on 5 June 2017.

SiriusDecisions will choose finalists in each category, and then schedule interviews with key stakeholders.

Winners will be chosen and notified by 10 July 2017, with first-draft presentations due by 31 July 2017. Finalists and winners will be recognized before and during the Summit event.

Non-Considered Submissions

Nominations from the following will not be given consideration by the SiriusDecisions team:

  • Companies (or divisions of companies $5 billion or greater) that have received an ROI Award from SiriusDecisions in the last two years.
  • Best practices from sales and marketing vendors themselves that focus on the use of their technology or services.

Sales and marketing vendors CAN nominate clients for ROI awards; however, the nomination form and process must be completed by the CLIENT, not the vendor. Vendor-completed nominations will not be considered, and vendors will not be allowed to speak on behalf of a client.

Additional questions/clarification about the ROI Awards can be directed to Tony Jaros.