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Content Strategy and Operations

The success of digital transformation – and b-to-b marketing in general – is highly dependent on a strong b-to-b content engine. Unfortunately, many b-to-b organisations still suffer from systemic content-related issues across strategy, people, process and technology. In this track, we will share advancements and best practices that leading b-to-b marketing organisations are embracing to transform their content engines from constant challenge to competitive differentiator.

Building a Localisation-Informed B-to-B Content Engine


Presenters: Julian Archer, Christine Polewarczyk

Global b-to-b marketing organisations are often confused about content process ownership between corporate, region and local teams. When a clearly defined content process and localisation approach are not present, siloes, inefficiency, delays and wasted content are prevalent. To support strong content performance at every level of marketing, organisations need to better define and align their global content processes. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • An understanding of content role and process best practices based on localisation approach
  • Clarity on global roles and ownership across the end-to-end content lifecycle
  • Insights into how content strategy and operations needs change based on localisation model

How to Build a Content Measurement Dashboard


Presenter: Christine Polewarczyk

Content metrics are often scattered across an array of systems, geographies, functions and tactics, making it extremely challenging to collect KPIs and derive data-driven insights. Yet global and regional marketers are feeling increasing pressure to quantify the productivity and performance of the b-to-b content engine. In this session, we outline how to build content measurement dashboards that provide a 360-degree view of the health, effectiveness, and impact of your b-to-b content across multiple markets and languages. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Learn a best practice approach to content measurement
  • Discover the most important content KPIs to be tracking and analysing
  • Get prescriptive and practical guidelines on how to build a content dashboard


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