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Demand Creation

Whether fueling growth with new customers or increasing share with existing customers, demand marketers are charged with maximising contribution to pipeline in a constantly changing environment. They must know how to manage new technology, complex data and analytics, and evolving expectations from buyers and sales. In this track, we will offer guidance for strategic decision making and effective execution in demand marketing for all target audiences, program approaches and transaction types.

Is Your Organisation as Good at Demand Creation as You Think?


Presenter: Monica Behncke

When it comes to b-to-b demand creation, we often hear “We’re good – our MAP is up and integrated with our SFA, we’ve got drip nurture programs, visibility into our Demand Waterfall® and a decent Web site.” Is the work done? Can you truly call it a day? Not if you intend to maintain any kind of competitive advantage. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • Understand how the demand relationship between sales and marketing continues to evolve, and what truly “advanced” organisations are doing to respond
  • Learn how to create a roadmap for continued evolution of your demand engine, no matter what your starting point

Effective Demand Creation Program Planning and Execution


Presenter: Jen Horton

SiriusDecisions research shows that program origination often fails to align with go-to-market strategy and account for execution challenges and skill gaps, resulting in inconsistent performance and limited insight on how to improve. In this session, we will introduce the SiriusDecisions Program Pendulum, a planning and execution methodology where momentum begins with business context and is reinforced with performance insights that inform how the demand program should be optimised over time. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Understand how to create discipline in demand creation program planning, execution and optimisation
  • Learn how to build agility into the program implementation process by starting smaller in scope, embracing experimentation and frequent feedback, and making adjustments

For product:

  • Understand the required inputs from portfolio marketing for effective program goal setting and program design
  • Learn strategies for effective collaboration with demand creation program owners

Powering Demand Through Privacy and Preference Management


Presenters: Julian Archer, Isabel Montesdeoca

When it comes to data privacy regulations, most b-to-b executives are asking the following questions: What are they? Where do they apply? How do they affect me? What fines might we face if we don’t comply? This heightened focus on the rules risks obscuring what lies at the heart of data privacy regulations: prospects and protecting their personal information. As marketers, tele and sales reps, we are all reliant on personal data to drive better demand creation performance, and if we want to continue to drive growth, we must shift our focus to winning and retaining prospect opt-ins with every interaction. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing and sales:

  • Learn about data privacy regulations around the globe and their impact on demand creation activities
  • Understand the full scope of what is considered personal data within the context of data privacy to enable you to catalog the prospect data you store and leverage today
  • See how a preference management strategy can help you move beyond regulatory compliance toward prospect-driven personalisation, resulting in higher prospect engagement and satisfaction

Program and Tactic Diagnostics: Optimise or Terminate?


Presenter: Jen Horton

“Is it working?” is a question frequently asked by demand creation program and tactic owners. When determining their answer, organisations must identify patterns where opportunities for optimisation exist in targeting and segmentation, tactic relevance and execution, and the overall impact on Demand Waterfall® performance. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Understand how to approach analysing, diagnosing and determining an optimisation or termination path for demand creation programs and tactics
  • Learn why building agility into the program implementation process is about starting smaller in scope and allowing data and insights to shape the evolution of the program
  • Get insights on how to establish a data-driven culture that embraces testing and optimisation and minimises the fear of failure


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