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Marketing Operations and Strategy

We’ve come a long way from the days when all a b-to-b organisation needed to build its marketing strategy was a good slogan and some killer creative. Today’s CMOs are focused on defining a strategy that aligns with company growth goals, balances short-term and long-term priorities, and reconciles quantitative objectives across customer segments, geographies and product categories with creativity and new approaches. In this track, we will focus on areas where the CMO and marketing operations function collaborate to run a high-performing marketing organisation.

Sidestepping Misdirection: Conducting an Effective Business Review


Presenters: Meta Karagianni, Craig Moore

Most marketing leaders don’t count conducting and attending periodic business and marketing reviews among the most satisfying part of their job. In fact, today’s marketing executives consider finding a better way to consistently and efficiently leverage periodic business and functional reviews to improve alignment, maintaining focus on the most important activities, and identifying issues they must address to drive improved business performance among their highest priorities. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Determine the different types of business and functional reviews where marketing either leads or participates
  • Learn best practices to prepare, conduct and follow through marketing-driven reviews
  • Understand how marketing should best prepare to participate in business reviews where it is expected to contribute

The Anatomy of a Marketing Plan


Presenters: Caroline Bright, Craig Moore

Many b-to-b marketing plans fall into one of two categories, both of which prove to be ineffective. One is the academic exercise, where a plan is so complex that it’s obsolete before it’s delivered; the other is “agile,” which often devolves into a list of tactics that fail to reflect business goals or customer needs. To address these issues, the SiriusDecisions Marketing-Plan-on-a-Page Template can be leveraged to create a truly actionable marketing plan for different levels of the organization. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Learn how to build a pragmatic annual plan that drives alignment across the business and adapts to ongoing business dynamics, with special attention to corporate and regional interplay
  • Understand what information is required to build a best-in-class marketing plan, and where to find it
  • See how to morph a strategic plan into campaign, program, functional and regional blueprints


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