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Product Marketing

As a growing number of b-to-b organisations experience move away from a focus on products toward a focus on audiences, product marketers find themselves in the role of shepherding the organisation through defining successful product strategies focused on buyer and customer needs, ensuring regional differences are addressed, offerings are channel-ready, and knowledge is transferred successfully to the sales force. In this track, we will share key approaches for enabling product marketing to interlock across functions and across corporate and regional teams as well as align priorities for intelligent growth.

Product-to-Audience Transformation: Making It Happen


Presenters: Ross GraberMarisa Kopec

Evolving from a go-to-market approach built around products to one focused on audiences is required to create buyer-centricity – but how do you do it? Years of entrenched corporate structures and processes – everything from campaign planning to results measurement – have been set up in direct opposition to this approach. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Understand how to operationalise SiriusDecisions audience-based Go-to-Market Architecture Model, with a focus on campaign design across multiple markets
  • Learn the best-in-class workflow process required to actualise audience-based campaigns and messaging strategies that consider regional needs
  • Learn how to set up measurement to understand and demonstrate the impact of audience-centric marketing efforts

Buyer’s Journey Mapping


Presenters: Tim Kimber, Christina McKeon

When b-to-b organisations shift from a product-centric to an audience-centric marketing approach, portfolio marketing and demand creation teams must understand the target persona’s buying process and behaviours and then use this insight to inform campaign strategies. Organisations that take a collaborative approach across marketing teams to defining and supporting the buyer’s journey report increased engagement with buyers earlier in the buying cycle, higher-quality leads and overall growth in the pipeline. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Develop appropriate organisational capabilities and workflows to map the buyer’s journey, including the role of portfolio marketing and demand functions across both global and regional teams
  • Leverage buyer insights to guide the development of the buyer’s journey and demand creation plans
  • Explore best practices for portfolio marketers to create buyer’s journey maps that address regional needs while they ensure alignment with corporate efforts


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