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Introduced in 2016, SiriusLabs are sessions designed for organisations seeking advice on how to implement SiriusDecisions models, tools and templates. These sessions will provide guidance on SiriusDecisions model implementation using demonstrations of SiriusTools and other deliverables in a workshop environment.

The Principles of an Effective Content Audit


Presenter: John Grozier

Most organisations create massive amounts of content, yet our research shows that up to 70 percent of it goes unused. The right approach to turning the tide is often better utilising or adapting existing content, and applying audience insight; this requires an audit of what’s already there. In this session, we will demonstrate how to conduct a content inventory and audit using the SiriusDecisions Content Inventory Tool. Delegates will learn the principles of conducting an audit and apply the assessment toward more effective content planning and creation to support sales and marketing efforts globally and regionally across different markets.

Sales Enablement: Taking an Audience-Centric Approach


Presenters: Don Drury, Ian Savage

When an organisation evolves its go-to-market approaches from product-centric to audience-centric, the sales force must be brought along, or it will be unable to continue audience-based conversations that are initiated by marketing. In this session, we will demonstrate the elements of a sales enablement program that are impacted when an organisation makes a shift from product-centric to audience-centric selling, and how such a program can be implemented across different geographies and maturity/types of sales teams.

Extending Personas into the Post-Sale Customer Lifecycle


Presenter: Kristin Farwell

The customer lifecycle and the buyer’s journey are different – albeit related – processes. Mapping the customer lifecycle to understand what happens when a buyer becomes a customer is critical to improving post-sale engagement; this then drives increased loyalty and retention. Indeed, enhancing customer experience was the second most important driver affecting the marketing strategy of b-to-b organisations in EMEA. In this session, we will walk through the process of mapping a customer lifecycle using SiriusDecisions Customer Lifecycle Mapping Model.

The Demand Unit Waterfall Readiness Assessment


Presenters: Kristin Farwell, Chris Parr

At this year’s EMEA Summit, we will unveil the newest version of the iconic SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®, which will incorporate elements of advanced analytics, account-based marketing and much more. Is your organisation prepared to take this next leap in demand management and measurement? In this session, we will introduce a process to assess your organisation’s current demand creation capabilities and identify key gaps that must be addressed.


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